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enhances Human creativity

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We are Loris and Michele, we are The Blend Post!
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From Guatemala with love to your cup.


The Blend Post is excited to announce their first specialty arabica coffee called Experanto. Carefully picked and sourced from lush Guatemala and roasted in-house to perfection.
When tasted, the coffee bursts in rich flavours evoking notes of apricots, berries, nuts and milk chocolate.

Like our dedicated producers, we also carefully picked the name thinking about Esperanto, symbolising the language that was created with the wholesome goal of bringing global unity and spoken today by a wide international community. In that same spirit, coffee -for us- is a universal good and brings people together. No matter the language, the word coffee is universally understood and can be enjoyed by everyone, without social and cultural distinctions.

We also believe that coffee sparks creativity and like different methods of expression, we strived to create a blend that is versatile and can be enjoyed as moka, espresso, filter and French press. Our coffee Experanto recalls the word 'Experience' and E(x)spresso which represents our purpose as well as our Italian roots.

Furthermore, the name we chose is a homage to all grandparents. Why? Because we honour them and have been a guide in our lives. Esperanto is also the grandfather’s name of one of our founders, whom embodies the traditions of Lake Maggiore where we live and where our coffee project has started.

Lago Maggiore - Italy
(photo credits
Michele Mascalzoni)

Who we are

The Blend Post 

is a new Coffee project addressed not only to Coffee lovers but also to whom is thinking the Coffee is a real social connector.

The Blend Post is a real Coffee experience, a travel for discovering the world of Specialty Coffee. 

The Blend Post is  also a digital place where you can meet the best Coffee people and realities.