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When thinking and asking about Coffee, almost all people link up in thought to beverage. Few of them talk about waste from daily cups or from coffee grounds. Do you know what is possible to do with peels and pulp derived from coffee fruits (i.e. Drupa or cherry)? Have you ever heard about circular economy? Reuse, recycle and remanufacturing are some of the best ways to improve it. We have decided to connect our project with that of other, who match perfectly with our work, philosophy and approach.


The idea behind Kaffeeform was developed in 2009, fuelled by the intention to create a sustainable material that aims to take advantage of coffee grounds, a waste material readily available, to become an alternative to plastics. In 2015, after five years of experimentation and investigation, Kaffeeform finally had it – a unique formula to upcycle old coffee into new, beautifully designed products. Their iconic Kaffeeform Cups were born. Today they are upcycling other wasted resources and expanding the range beyond coffee cups. Committed to local and ethical production, they unwaste and reshape with the environment in mind.