Coffee Trips

We are based on Lago Maggiore (Italy), but we are open to the world! In this page you’ll find some very specialty coffee shops and roasters that we visited during our tours. We met and know the people behind the coffee cup, and obviously tasted their specialty coffees!


Great Coffee trip in the Estonia Capital! Efficient and middle age city center. We found in our path lot of incredible specialty coffee and roasteries. Each one with its own history and experience.


In one of the beautiful italian city, we discovered Ditta Artigianale – Born in 2013 as small and specialty roastery by Francesco Sanapo and Patrick Hoffer. In less than 8 years it has opened 3 coffee shops in the city. Places in which it is possible to find good vibes to drink their specialty coffee from Africa and South America.


Finally in Finland, the country of Mumin! The capital is a city where you can relax and take your time in a Sauna (we went in one in front of the Baltic Sea with exceptional Japanese Design). Finnish are use to consume dark roasted coffee. Finland is one of the top three countries that consumes the most coffee.


Is one of the most important city in Finland. It’s famous for its waffle (we recommend the one’s with salmon) and paper mills. You can find very nice café and also few specialty coffee roastery.


Substance Cafè is a small specialty coffee shop and roastery located in a vibrant quarter of Quartier de Bonne-Nouvelle. The charismatic Joachim Morceau will provide you a personal and real specialty coffee experience. At the coffee shop you can’t find something more rather then high quality coffee. The
philosophy is … “ that a good coffee deserves to be tasted while taking its time and as it is, to best taste. the terroir”. A Parisienne experience beyond the Tour Eiffel.


The most vibrant capital of Europe it is not only special for Clubs but also it is the perfect ground for development the German Specialty Coffee scene. In Berlin are present some city chains like The Barn Bonanza but also single and original coffee shop like Westberlin that connects coffee lovers and the most
interesting magazines focus on lifestyle, art, architecture. The coffee shops are the best places in which you can meet the digital nomads, start uppers and freelancers that in front of their coffee cups are solving their tasks and creating their success.


In the beautiful city layed on Boden See you can find MUNI Coffee CO. The specialty roastery andcoffee shop of the city. Julian are not only the roaster specialist but also a consultant for all coffee products that you can find in his coffee store just next to the coffee shop.


Hamburg, the second biggest German city,  has a long tradition of trading and refining coffee.


In the elegant quarter of  Maxvorstadt  there is Man vs Machine – the other city place it is closed to the Main Train Station – an independent Specialty Coffee Roaster founded in 2014. They are not using Robusta but only  the highest grade Arabica Coffees.


The capital of Baden-Württemberg, is not only the city of Automotive – Porsche and Mercedes Benz – but also of fine coffee specialty as Mókuska Caffè in Stuttgart West.

Piran / Slovenia

Caffe Neptuno the unique specialty coffee shop in the Istrian penisula. A selection of coffee and methods to taste a cup in front of the Adriatic Sea.


Lovely capital on the Baltic sea. Well know for its beauty open air coffee and its art nouveaux. For this reason, is also called the ‘Paris of the north or Baltic Paris’. In 2014 it has been the European Culture Capital.


Geneva is a global city, a financial centre, and a worldwide centre for diplomacy due to the presence of numerous international organizations, including the headquarters of many agencies of the United Nations and the Red Cross. Geneva hosts the highest number of international organizations in the world

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