At the beginning of its project, The Blend Post was mainly focused on Coffee, Specialty Coffee of course. Since the opening of the temporary Café in Luino, we’ve started involving other local people like us. Each one with its unique business, passion and incredible talent. We had no doubts, all this Artisans need to be part of our project and toghether reach our scope.


NOP – New Ordinary People is an Estonian streetwear brand established in March 2021, with the mission to switch the environmental and social impact of the industry by making sustainability easy to achieve for people.  NOP KEYPOINTS are: No compromises, Slow fashion, Plastic-free manufacturing, No “season or sale”, Dead serious about sustainability. NOP want to switch the impact and make the buying do good. Grete, the young frontlady is our neighbor and we play the same game.


Giulia Bonora is an Italian Designer and Artist. Born in Varese in 1998, an Italian town in Lombardy, also known as the garden city, as the magnificent song by Fabio Ilacqua is titled. She attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Milan and continues to work on her creations at the “Fornaci Ibis” in Cunardo, mentored by artist Giorgio Robustelli. For her, Giorgio’s role has been fundamental in approaching the world of ceramics, in all of its facets. Thanks to the work in the workshop and the technical instruction acquired at the academy, she was able to train as an craftswoman and launch the “Keramô” brand in 2020. Modeling, shaping, casting, enamelling, decoration with enamels, engobes and oxides are part of her expertise. In 2020 he took potter’s wheel lessons from Angelo Zilio, a talented artist and excellent teacher. Thanks to him she learned various techniques for turning and modelling design objects. In 2021 she was selected for two European CerDee projects, thanks to which she was able to attend the Summer School, taking part in the course held by the artist and poet Lorenzo Cianchi at the MIC (international museum of ceramics) in Faenza. During her residence in Faenza, she visited the historic Bottega Gatti and the Carlo Zauli museum, which certainly left a mark on her. You attended the design faculty of Sutnarka University where you were able to approach the world of porcelain and create various design objects by practicing different techniques including: casting, molding, molding and third fire decoration. Today she creates sculptures, design objects and often works with photography, she is open to collaborations and creates custom pieces.