Discover the best Specialty Coffee beans sometimes is not enough. You can roast the most sought-after and special coffee but if the roasting is not done in a proper way, with experience and passion, you will get a normal or even worse not good coffee.


Tommaso Bongini - Brand Developer & Roaster.

Gearbox Coffee Roasters (Borgo S. Lorenzo – Florence – Italy) was born from an idea of Tommaso Bongini, quality control manager for Caffè Mokarico, his family business. His intent is to associate his two greatest passions, coffee and cars: two worlds so different, often with some common points.
A brand based on craftsmanship, the quality of the product and the processing techniques, where the human factor, the roaster one, is essential to obtain an outstanding result. Actually Tommaso Bongini is the Brand Developer & Roaster.


IALTY by Mara dei Boschi is a new roastery with a specialty coffee shop that has brought high quality coffee to the Langhe. A place that wants to be a meeting place, a coffee’s culture point where you can also find artisanal products with which Mara dei Boschi has been able to build its identity. IALTY is a new Specialty Coffee brand that debuted on the market in autumn 2020. Today IALTY finds a home in Barolo, in a café that wants to be both a convivial place where you can rediscover the pleasure of a good coffee, and a space for cultural meeting capable of creating synergies between the world of food and wine, that of art and that of sport. Furthermore, the IALTY coffee shop has also been transformed into a roasting, the first specialty coffee in the area, with the aim of becoming an educational and experiential point of reference on the world of quality coffee. IALTY wants to express the Italian participation in a movement that is establishing itself with determination beyond national borders and that conceives quality coffee as a product of daily use. A ritual that cannot be reduced to a hasty consumption, to be respected in its times and in its gestures, giving the visitor the opportunity to experience and preserve the symbolic dimension of waiting and sharing, not limiting coffee to a hasty gesture. But IALTY is not just a place dedicated to specialty coffees, it is above all a cultural project, the result of the experiences and growth of a working group established and consolidated in the environment of Mara dei Boschi. Oliviero Alotto, the spokesperson for IALTY, strongly believes that it is not just a question of love for raw materials, but that there is also the fundamental issue of environmental certifications, so with this project they want to commit themselves at the forefront for the dissemination of a natural and sustainable agriculture.


Debora is a graphic designer and has a good nose. She connects with  Ojo de Café good design with enjoyment. Cristian comes from international sales, studied political science and economics. He realized what an impact coffee has on the lives of millions of coffee producers. And that he can change the world with every cup of coffee. Thanks to Colombia, they discovered the love for coffee. Latin America is their second home, so they started looking for the best coffee beans there in 2016. In the meantime they have established good relationships with fantastic farmers and better and better coffees are ending up in their roastery.


Pacamara was born from the dream of 2 people, passionate about a product, who wanted to take part in the evolution towards a more fair and sustainable industry as well as sharing their passion with everyone around them. With that in mind, they source beans from creative and dedicated farmers, trying their best to highlight their labour by roasting carefully each batch and offering training to the barista preparing your beverage. Pacamara is a coffee variety, hybrid of PACAS and MARAGOGYPE. Besides being identifiable by its abnormally big size it’s also notable for its outstanding flavour characteristics. For Pacamara it is the perfect example of the evolution of the coffee industry in the last decade. From being a commodity product surrounded by secrecy and mysticism with consumers and baristas not really knowing what happens earlier on in the supply chain, coffee producing is now on the way of transparency, collaboration, fairness and quality focus to a point where they understand botanical varieties as well as processing, roasting and brewing. From the farmer to the barista every contact with human hand will have an impact on the taste of the cup you drink, therefore Pacamara aim to bring you a product with a traceable ethical supply chain and a flavour that will reflect all the care given by so many human beings along its travel.